Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson

Sous Chef at Red Cow

Matt got his training at the Culinary Arts at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Before becoming Sous Chef at Red Cow he spent time at Collective on Tap in Woodinville.


Kirkland, Washington

First Restaurant Job

Dishwasher at Russell's

Last Restaurant Job

Collective on Tap

Alternate Universe Career

Jeremy Clarkson's job

Favorite Late Night Snack

Chocolate covered pretzels

Best Meal Ever

Herb Garden in 2014. The menu was centered around mushrooms and it was phenomenal.

After Work Hangout


Secret Ingredient


Favorite Seattle Restaurant

Kedai Makan

Food Philosophy

There's always something new to learn and each day is fresh and exciting.

Restaurant Pet Peeve

A messy station. Being organized is awesome.

What do you love about Seattle?

The food and weather. People watching never gets old either!

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

At my first job one of the line cooks forgot about a case of chicken and rotten chicken juice decided to leak all over the walk-in floor. I had to clean it up. I'll never forget that smell.

Can't Live Without


What's On The DVR?

Star Trek The Next Generation, Rick and Morty, and Seinfeld

What's On The Nightstand?

The Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White

What's On The iPod?

Tool, Pink Floyd, Dethklok, Chevelle…

Favorite Movie Quote

"Why are you so sweaty?"…"I was watching cops"

What Have You Learned?

Always listen and always watch. Stay clean and organized when you're in the weeds. It helps more than I could ever imagine!

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