Rocky Woods

Rocky Woods

Sous Chef at Bramling Cross

Rocky cooked his way through college, while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Nevada-Reno. Through a love affair with food and a natural talent to cook, he decided that culinary would be the path to follow. Before helping open Bramling Cross in Ballard, Rocky was involved in the development of a modern-Italian restaurant, Briscola, for James Beard award-winning Chef Charlie Palmer. Most recently he spent time as the Chef de Cuisine at Terra Plata in Seattle.


Reno, Nevada

First Restaurant Job


Last Restaurant Job

Terra Plata

Alternate Universe Career

Post-apocolyptic Octane Junkie/Road Warrior

Best Meal Ever

18 course, 6 hour marathon dinner at the French Laundry

After Work Hangout

Dark, rock n roll dive bar

Secret Ingredient

Fish sauce

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Quinn's, Revel, Stateside, Lecosho, Spur, Queen Anne Beer Hall, Bastille, 5 Point Cafe

Food Philosophy

Food is from the soul. Your heart should be in every dish you prepare. The layers and flavors should be impeccable and you should stand by it with pride.

Restaurant Pet Peeve

Picking blue masking tape labels off of containers and small wares that have already been washed and put away.

What do you love about Seattle?

The vibrant food scene, constant new sights and experiences, and the close proximity to the mountains and water.

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

Running into a hotel freight elevator with 25 gallons of tomato sauce on a flatbed cart, to watch one of the wheels catch and 10 gallons of sauce violently explode over the interior of the elevator. It looked of murder but fortunately 60% of the product was still ready for service!

Favorite Movie Quote

"You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me."

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