Last Updated: August 9th, 2017
Menu is subject to change.


Beer Nuts 3
bbq spice rubbed
Marinated Olives 3
thyme, citrus
Pretzel 4
beer cheese, spicy grain mustard
Frites 3.5
harissa ketchup
Snap Peas 5
butter, mint
Broccoli Raab 5
garlic, chili flake
Frisée Salad 8
orange, blue cheese
Half Caesar 9
anchovy, crouton, parmesan
Crudo 8
albacore, grapefruit, avocado, hazelnut
Oysters 12
semolina dusted, chipotle aioli
Bruschetta 9
smoked seasonal fish, pickled red onion, chive
Bacon Wrapped Dates 3.5
goat cheese, aged balsamic
Dynamite Wings 9
chive yogurt, cilantro, honey
Poutine 9
burnt ends, cheese curds, red eye gravy
Classic Burger 10
cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, derby sauce


The Bitterman 6
bourbon, montenegro amaro, sweet vermouth, orange bitters
The Infanta 6
gin, cappelletti, fino sherry
Little Red Corvette 6
cherry & thyme shrub, lemon, aperol, peychauds, prosecco
The Ranye West 6
rainier beer, aperol, lemon, angostura
Wine Glass 6
various selections
Premium Draft Beer 4.5
various selections
Cheap Beer! 3
various selections