Last Updated: November 15th, 2017
Menu is subject to change.

Housemade Charcuterie

$9 Each : 3 for $18 : 5 for $25
Pâté de Campagne
Chicken Liver Mousse
Potted Smoked Trout
Lamb Terrine
Beef Tongue


$7 Per Selection
Smoked House-Made Fromage Frais
Cows milk fresh house made cheese
Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog
Soft ripened chevre with vegetable ash from Northern California
Triple cream cow's milk cheese from Normandy, France
Bleu d'Auvergne
Cow's milk blue cheese from Auvergne, France


Columbia City Bakery Baguette $4
Olive tapenade, citrus butter.
Marinated Olives $6
Citrus zest, herbs.
Local Oysters MP
Red wine granita.
Roasted Marrow Bones $14
Red wine reduction, toasted baguette. (allow 20 minutes)
Frog Legs 12
Tomato, garlic, herb beurre blanc.
Beef Tartare $15
Cornichons, capers, rye croutons.
Seasonal Soup $10
Daily Selection


Mixed Baby Greens Salad $10
Red wine vinaigrette, radish, shallot herbs.
Frisée & Bacon Salad $13
Poached hen egg, croutons, red wine vinaigrette.
Marinated Beets $12
Watercress, apple-beet purée, orange zest, broken vinaigrette, fresh shaved apples.
Little Gem Lettuce Salad 12
Haricots verts, fines herbes, champagne vinaigrette.

Steak Frites

All Cuts Served with Frites, Garlic Aioli, & Choice of Sauce
8oz Brochettes $24
Skewered Hanger Steak Bites
8oz Hanger $26
Double R Ranch Reserve
8oz Teres Major $35
Double R Ranch Reserve
8oz Filet Mignon $50
Painted Hills Natural Beef
10oz. Prime Coulotte $40
Double R Ranch Reserve
1Lb. Boneless Ribeye $54
Double R Ranch Reserve
8oz Wagyu Ribeye Cap $55
Akaushi American Wagyu Deckle


Red Cow Burger & Frites $17
Potato roll, white cheddar, bacon, tomato, caramelized sweet onion, chili aioli.
Moules Frites $19
Curry or white wine & thyme broth.
Roasted Half Chicken $25
Bone-In Pork Loin $26
Herb panisse, grilled broccoli, apple-beet purée.
Vol-Au-Vent $23
Seasonal foraged mushrooms, roasted shallots, bacon, fried hen egg. (can be prepared vegetarian)
Grilled Trout Amandine $28
Toasted almonds, haricots verts, brown butter, charred lemon.


Frites & Aioli $6
Rosemary butter.
Crimini Mushrooms $9
Garlic confit, thyme.
Haricots Verts $9
Shallots, herbs, butter.
Delicata Squash $9
Honey, sage, grilled red onions.