Last Updated: October 4th, 2018
Menu is subject to change.

A Note

Our Chef's Menu $60
When you arrive, feel free to order as much or as little food as you like. But, if you would like to avoid the trouble of ordering altogether, please feel free to hand the menu back to your server and allow us to take care of you. *Participation by the whole table is required for the Chef's Tasting menu.


Bruschetta 14
smoked fish, lemon, pickled onion
Beet Salad 16
avocado, radish, watercress, pistachio
Burrata 16
kale pesto, hazelnuts, pear, preserved lemon
Grilled Baja Octopus 16
corona beans, pancetta, pickled peppers
Hamachi Crudo 18
apple, fennel, pine nut, olive oil
Fried Oysters 16
fennel salad, calabrian chili aioli
New York Beef Carpaccio 18
white anchovy. truffle vinaigrette, chives, caper


Bucatini 19
butter, black pepper, pecorino romano
Lemon Ricotta Ravioli 23
chanterelle, shallot, oregano, egg yolk
Pappardelle 23
braised lamb, eggplant, smoked tomato, marjoram
Gnocchi 23
white bolognese, mirepoix sofrito, grana padano
Saffron Linguini 28
dungeness crab, chives, mascarpone, bottarga


Grilled Duck Breast* 30
soft polenta, cherry agrodolce, onion jus
Wood Grilled Whole Fish 34
brown butter, capers, lemon, fried herbs
Snake River Farms Pork Coppa* 31
escarole, cippolini onion, balsamic
Grilled Coho Salmon 31
fregola sarda, artichokes, salsa verde
Snake River Farms Waygu Sirloin* 44
carrot, horseradish, grilled red onion, red wine jus
Grilled Leg of Lamb* 32
panisse, braised fig, olive jus, cauliflower


Mixed Greens 11
champagne vinaigrette
Grilled Beans 11
bagna cauda
Crispy Potatoes 10
rosemary, parmigiano
Marinated Castelveltrano Olives 7
Sea Wolf Baguette 5
butter, sea salt, olive