Last Updated: June 10th, 2018
Menu is subject to change.


Chips and Salsa 6
roasted tomato salsa (add pico de gallo and salsa verde +2)
Super Guac 8
onion, cilantro, lime, tortilla chips
Jicama Salad 9
oranges, guajillo salt, cilantro, pepitas
Smashed Cucumbers 9
coconut, lime, cilantro
Chilled Watermelon 9
mint, guajillo salt, pop rocks
Roasted Jalapeños 8
mexican furikake, lime aioli
Cheese Dip 12
roasted poblano pepper, tortilla chips
Refried Bean Dip 9
cotija cheese, tortilla chips
Street Corn in a Cup 8
mayo, chili, cotija cheese, lime, sea salt
Cheese Quesadilla 9
crispy flour tortilla, crema (add choice of meat +5)
Super Bueno Nachos 12
tortilla chips, black beans, queso cheese, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream, green onions, chipolte mayo (add choice of meat +4)
Shrimp Ceviche 12
cucumber, serrano chilies, radish, lime, cilantro, tomatoes
Tostada 14
iceberg lettuce, avacado, cilantro, crema, refried beans, choice of meat
Shrimp Cocktail Tostada 8
cabbage slaw, guacamole, cilantro, crema, cotija cheese
Meat Choices
marinated chicken, carnitas, carne asada, guajillo braised brisket

Super Bueno Tacos

Taco Packs 3 for 14 - 5 for 21 - 10 for 40
All tacos served on 3 inch corn tortilla with a side of black beans
Seasonal Vegetables
Fried Cod
cabbage, crema, cilantro
Marinated Chicken
cabbage, chipotle mayo
salsa verde, cilantro
Carne Asada
white onions, radish, cilantro
Guajillo Brisket
pickled red onions, scallion

Salad and Soup

Little Gem Salad 9
cotija cheese, radish, cilantro, citrus dressing
Caesar Salad 10
romaine, pecorino romano, crouton, anchovy (add marinated chicken +5)
Mexican Chop Salad 16
marinated chicken, olives, tomatoes, radish, cotija cheese, fried tortillas
Pozole Rojo 12
braised pork shoulder, chili broth, iceberg lettuce, hominy, radish, cilantro, chili


Grilled Flank Steak 24
tortillas, black beans, roasted jalapeños, escabeche, onion, cilantro (please allow 25 minutes)


Chips 3
House Escabeche 5
Refried Beans 6
contains pork
Black Beans 6
Mexican Rice 6
Diced Yams with Mexican Furikake 7


Traditional Flan 9
roasted pineapple and vanilla bean
Arroz con Leche 9
rice pudding, mango
Churros 9
tamarind caramel dipping sauce
Seasonal Sorbet 9
Horchata Ice Cream 8
cinnamon tostada crumble