Addam Buzzalini

Addam Buzzalini

ESR Culinary Director

Addam has spent his life in professional kitchens. Notably as Chef de Cuisine of Bistro Bella Vita in Grand Rapids, cooking at Café Presse in Seattle, and Chef at Maynard's Kitchen in Tucson. He now runs the ESR Culinary Director.



First Restaurant Job

Dishwasher at a prime rib joint.

Last Restaurant Job

Chef at Maynard's Kitchen

Alternate Universe Career

Grand Prix Motorcycle Racer

Favorite Late Night Snack


Best Meal Ever

Michigan Chefs Dinner at Tapawingo Mansion

After Work Hangout

Basement at home.

Secret Ingredient


Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Le Pichet, Than Bros, Salumi, Lark, Revel

Food Philosophy

If you don't know the song, don't sing the words.

Restaurant Pet Peeve

Dirty, empty pepper grinders. Staff that likes to tell you how they did it at their last job. Staff that doesn't pull their weight and are there solely for a paycheck.

What do you love about Seattle?

Everything but the traffic.

Favorite Place In The World

I don't think I've been there yet…

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

When I was 17 on a busy Saturday night, service did not run the food fast enough for a party of 40. Chef pushed the entire plated main course out of the pass and onto the floor and made us re do everything…it was epic.

Can't Live Without


What's On The Nightstand?

iPhone 5s

What's On The iPod?

Daft Punk, Darkthrone, The Locust, Future Islands

Favorite Movie Quote

“I don't know Chewie, fly casual!!!”

What Have You Learned?

I have much to learn…

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