Jace Jorgensen

Jace Jorgensen

Chef at Flatstick Pub SLU

Jace started cooking right out of high school to help support himself while working on a carpenter's apprenticeship. When the apprenticeship eventually fell to the wayside, he just kept cooking.



First Restaurant Job

Cafe Malibu, Dishwasher

Last Restaurant Job

Chef De Cuisine at Maynard's Market & Kitchen

Alternate Universe Career

I would probably be raising ducks for foie gras.

Favorite Late Night Snack

Cold Spaghetti O's right from the can.

Best Meal Ever

It is difficult to say what my Best Meal Ever is. I don't think I have had it yet. Most memorable is always going to be dry, tough pot roast with the most perfect mashed potatoes from Grandma's house. And those Cream Pies... It's a done deal.

After Work Hangout

The Tavolata Bar!

Secret Ingredient


Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Uh, The Crumpet Shoppe.

Food Philosophy

Getting to use the nicest things mother nature has to offer and manipulate them in a fun and playful way is very rewarding. There is definitely a reason that it is called Culinary Arts.

Restaurant Pet Peeve

The sound of that ticket printer is nauseating.

What do you love about Seattle?

Cold, Wet, Dank.

Favorite Place In The World


Memorable Kitchen Disaster

We thought it might be a cool idea to see what a pizza dough ball would do in a deep fryer. So we put it in there and went about our business, after about 5 minutes in the fryer we all forgot about it... Then it happened... Blooowopppppp. The dough ball exploded in the fryer and shot oil in a 15 foot radius as well as onto the ceiling... It took a very long time to clean up all that oil. Luckily no one was around the fryer at the time of detonation, otherwise it would have been a hospital visit for sure.

Can't Live Without

Gummy Bears

Favorite Movie Quote

Make my day...

What Have You Learned?

I haven't learned it all yet. So I will continue to do so.

Meet The Crew

  1. Ethan Stowell

    Ethan Stowell

    CEO & Founder

  2. Steve Hooper

    Steve Hooper


  1. Sennen David

    Sennen David

    VP Marketing & Culture, Beverage Director

  2. Branden Karow

    Branden Karow

    VP Restaurant Operations

  3. Michael Pagana

    Michael Pagana

    VP Development

  4. Val Dixon

    Val Dixon

    VP Finance / CFO

  5. Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith

    VP Administration

  6. Addam Buzzalini

    Addam Buzzalini

    Executive Chef

  7. Heather Poncet

    Heather Poncet

    Service Director

  8. Gary Silver

    Gary Silver

    Operations Director

  9. Scarlet Keiser

    Scarlet Keiser

    Executive Assistant

  10. Phia McDonnell

    Phia McDonnell

    Events & Catering Manager

  11. Alcena Plum

    Alcena Plum


  12. Ally Reardon

    Ally Reardon


  13. Alvin Go

    Alvin Go

    Assistant General Manager

  14. Ashley Kim

    Ashley Kim


  15. Bernadette Biela

    Bernadette Biela


  16. Caleb Floyd

    Caleb Floyd


  17. Canara Rim

    Canara Rim


  18. Christian Padilla

    Christian Padilla

    Sous Chef

  19. Cody Bellflower

    Cody Bellflower


  20. Cody Samuels

    Cody Samuels


  21. Colt Lippincott

    Colt Lippincott

    Sous Chef

  22. Daniel King

    Daniel King

    Sous Chef

  23. Dionne Himmelfarb

    Dionne Himmelfarb

    Pastry Chef

  24. David Kim

    David Kim

    General Manager

  25. Dominic Diodata

    Dominic Diodata

    Sous Chef

  26. Donald Adams

    Donald Adams


  27. Elliot Kitzelman

    Elliot Kitzelman

    Sous Chef

  28. Evan DeCarufel

    Evan DeCarufel

    Sous Chef

  29. Gabriel Hodges

    Gabriel Hodges


  30. Ivan Pautov

    Ivan Pautov


  31. Jace Jorgensen

    Jace Jorgensen


  32. James Sebenoler

    James Sebenoler

    Sous Chef

  33. Jessica Rudell

    Jessica Rudell


  34. Joe Bee

    Joe Bee


  35. John Lundahl

    John Lundahl

    Sous Chef

  36. John Stone

    John Stone

    Sous Chef

  37. Jordan Moore

    Jordan Moore

    Sous Chef

  38. Jordan Richendrfer

    Jordan Richendrfer

    Sous Chef

  39. Justin Kim

    Justin Kim

    Sous Chef

  40. Kelsey Cline

    Kelsey Cline

    Sous Chef

  41. Kris Kalinczok

    Kris Kalinczok

    Corporate Catering Director

  42. Kyle Fong

    Kyle Fong

    Sous Chef

  43. Lacey Glatz

    Lacey Glatz

    Cafe Supervisor

  44. Marshall Nall

    Marshall Nall

    Pasta Wrangler

  45. Meg Posey

    Meg Posey

    Manager/Wine Director

  46. Melanie Steehler

    Melanie Steehler

    Sous Chef

  47. Michael Crossman

    Michael Crossman


  48. Michael Genardini

    Michael Genardini

    Sous Chef

  49. Michael Gifford

    Michael Gifford


  50. Nathan Witt

    Nathan Witt

    Sous Chef

  51. Nicole Matson

    Nicole Matson


  52. Patrick Devine

    Patrick Devine

    General Manager

  53. Ricky Wyman

    Ricky Wyman

    General Manager

  54. Roger Harper

    Roger Harper


  55. Ross Crifasi

    Ross Crifasi


  56. Sara Peterson

    Sara Peterson


  57. Sadie White

    Sadie White


  58. Scott Siff

    Scott Siff


  59. Sean Ellick

    Sean Ellick


  60. Steve Norkevicus

    Steve Norkevicus

    Sous Chef

  61. Taylor Johnson

    Taylor Johnson


  62. Taylor Pagano

    Taylor Pagano


  63. Thomas O'Donnell

    Thomas O'Donnell

    Sous Chef

  64. Tony Ferrati

    Tony Ferrati

    Bar Manager

  65. Tosh Warnack

    Tosh Warnack

    Sous Chef

  66. Virginia Son

    Virginia Son

    Sous Chef

  67. Will Richey

    Will Richey


  68. Aras Dailide

    Aras Dailide


  69. Brandon Marie

    Brandon Marie


  70. Thomas Cullen

    Thomas Cullen


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