Jace Jorgensen

Jace Jorgensen

Chef at Flatstick Pub SLU

Jace started cooking right out of high school to help support himself while working on a carpenter's apprenticeship. When the apprenticeship eventually fell to the wayside, he just kept cooking.



First Restaurant Job

Cafe Malibu, Dishwasher

Last Restaurant Job

Chef De Cuisine at Maynard's Market & Kitchen

Alternate Universe Career

I would probably be raising ducks for foie gras.

Favorite Late Night Snack

Cold Spaghetti O's right from the can.

Best Meal Ever

It is difficult to say what my Best Meal Ever is. I don't think I have had it yet. Most memorable is always going to be dry, tough pot roast with the most perfect mashed potatoes from Grandma's house. And those Cream Pies... It's a done deal.

After Work Hangout

The Tavolata Bar!

Secret Ingredient


Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Uh, The Crumpet Shoppe.

Food Philosophy

Getting to use the nicest things mother nature has to offer and manipulate them in a fun and playful way is very rewarding. There is definitely a reason that it is called Culinary Arts.

Restaurant Pet Peeve

The sound of that ticket printer is nauseating.

What do you love about Seattle?

Cold, Wet, Dank.

Favorite Place In The World


Memorable Kitchen Disaster

We thought it might be a cool idea to see what a pizza dough ball would do in a deep fryer. So we put it in there and went about our business, after about 5 minutes in the fryer we all forgot about it... Then it happened... Blooowopppppp. The dough ball exploded in the fryer and shot oil in a 15 foot radius as well as onto the ceiling... It took a very long time to clean up all that oil. Luckily no one was around the fryer at the time of detonation, otherwise it would have been a hospital visit for sure.

Can't Live Without

Gummy Bears

Favorite Movie Quote

Make my day...

What Have You Learned?

I haven't learned it all yet. So I will continue to do so.

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