John Stone

John Stone

Sous Chef at How to Cook a Wolf

John came into the industry as a dishwasher at the age 16. In his small hometown of Dexter, Michigan he worked at the only fine dining restaurant in town called Terry B’s. There he saw (tasted) how amazing food could be—and the rest is history. He is now working alongside Nicole as Sous Chef at How to Cook a Wolf.


Dexter, Michigan

First Restaurant Job

Dishwasher at Terry B's

Last Restaurant Job

Willmott's Ghost

Alternate Universe Career

Seaplane Pilot/Scuba Instructor

Favorite Late Night Snack

Anything crunchy/fatty/carby/salty

Best Meal Ever

Once when I was young and my mom and sisters were out of town, my dad cooked filet mignon with beef ramen and dinner rolls and we watched Star Gate.

Secret Ingredient

It wouldn't be a secret if I told you…

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Kashiba Sushi, Shiki Sushi, Le Petit Cochon

What do you love about Seattle?

I love that nature is a large part of being a Seattleite and that getting out to nature is close and convenient.

Favorite Place In The World

Any where I can scuba dive…

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

One time, one of my Sous Chefs was using the hot smoker outside and the gas line to the propane tank had melted and caught fire essentially creating a uncontrollable flame thrower scorching an 8x12 section of a wall in the back of the restaurant. We didn't hot smoke after that.

Can't Live Without

My Cutie Wife

What's On The iPod?

Aqua, Tiesto, Cake…

What Have You Learned?

Most restaurant workers could probably write a book about the things that we have learned. The thing I have taken to heart is that there is always more to learn.

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