Michael Gifford

Michael Gifford

Chef at ESR Commissary

Michael Gifford was the very first person hired to our first restaurant, Union. Before meeting Ethan while working together at Nell's, Michael trained at The Academy of Culinary Arts in New Jersey. He now runs the show at Marine Hardware.


South Jersey

First Restaurant Job

Dishwasher & Potato Peeler

Last Restaurant Job

Came back on to the company as part of the opening team at Ballard Pizza Company.

Alternate Universe Career


Favorite Late Night Snack

Fried Chicken

Best Meal Ever

Flying solo at Cafe Boulud and being totally pampered and just eating way too much.

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

Palace Kitchen, any BBQ in the ID, The Athenian in the market for a frosty pint.

What do you love about Seattle?

Proximity to the water and mountains and of course all the shellfish.

Memorable Kitchen Disaster

When I was young, thinking I can cut a wheel of fontina on a bandsaw. Bad idea. Blade seized up in the middle and came of the guard. Nearly took me out.

Can't Live Without

My English Bulldog Melodie

What's On The Nightstand?

“Amongst the Thugs” by Bill Buford

What's On The iPod?

Classic Metal

Favorite Movie Quote

“I knew it was you Fredo!” From Godfather 2

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