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How To Cook A Wolf

Eater, October 2013
The 38 Essential Seattle Restaurants

Where, October 2013
Essential Seattle Eats—“…takes simple ingredients and transforms them into culinary marvels…”

Eater, January 2012
“The 38 Essential Seattle Restaurants”

Eater, July 2011
The 38 Essential Seattle Restaurants

Travel + Leisure, May 2009
50 Best New U.S. Restaurants

Seattle Magazine, April 2009
Best Restaurants—“Most Convincing Argument That Cauliflower Is Not A Vegetable” – Caramelized Cauliflower Agnolotti.

Seattle Weekly, March 2009
Favorite Restaurants

Seattle Weekly, December 2008
The Top 10 Dishes of 2008: Cauliflower Agnolotti—“The pureed cauliflower that filled each bite of ravioli, spiked only with a few drops of aged balsamic vinegar, had transcended the vegetal, as if the chefs had managed to force-feed a cabbage plant and then extract its foie gras.”

The Seattle Times, December 2008
Best Bites of 2008

Seattle Met, November 2008
Best New Restaurants—“Small portions of rustic pasta, seared seafood, and glistening contorni are prepared, presented, and priced without embellishment, resulting in suppers that shimmer with a welcome hominess.”

Food & Wine, August 2008
Where To Go Next – Seattle

Town & Country, July 2008
“Straightforward elements, like blond-wood paneling and cork bar that sets the stage for classic ingredients updated in fresh, Italian-inspired combinations…makes Stowell three times charmed.”

Seattle Met, July 2008
Best of the City: Pasta—“Wolf’s pasta’s all about big flavors, flawless execution, and, well, magic.”

Sunset, June 2008
Seattle’s Rising Star: Ethan Stowell’s How to Cook a Wolf is drawing packs of diners—and national acclaim.”

Wine & Spirits, June 2008
“Angela Stowell has a fondness for small-production wineries from France and Italy, mirroring her husband’s love for slightly arcane ingredients…which he seeds into simple, seasonal fare.”

Seattle Magazine, May 2008
“Wolf’s kitchen relies strongly on seasonal ingredients, and the chefs keep things deceptively simple, adding very few elements that, somehow, add up to so much more than the sum of their parts.”

Seattle Magazine, April 2008
Best New Restaurant— “ Wolf’s clean execution and tailored Italianate flavors mark familiar Stowell territory, but it’s all packaged with newfound warmth and coziness that’s utterly charming.”

Seattle Met, April 2008
“He fans thick slices of blush-perfect duck across a plate of beets, onions, and mandarin oranges and calls it a salad. (It’s a sensational one.)”

Northwest Palate, March/April 2008
“With this venture joining his two other winners, Union and Tavolàta, Ethan Stowell has achieved a restaurant trifecta.”

The Seattle Times, February 2008
“★★★ Many (dishes) involve just a handful of ingredients, making quality key. These straightforward, seemingly artless preparations – yield tantalizing results.”

Seattle Weekly, January 2008
“Now, with How to Cook a Wolf…Stowell is thinking tiny and intimate, serving small plates for people that eat out as a lifestyle rather than a special treat.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 2008
“★★★½—The stellar starters speak to Stowell’s ability to source and showcase incredible ingredients…veal carpaccio sliced so thin it practically liquefies when hitting the palate.”


The Stranger, November 2013
It’s Pronounced 'Market': Ethan Stowell's Latest Restaurant Is Not Like His Others” — “The food at Mkt. feels like a labor of love.”

Eater, November 2013
Eater Seattle Heatmap: Where to Eat Now—“Mkt. packs a punch with a significant menu of meats, fish, and veggies.”

Eater, November 2013
2013 Eater Awards—So Hot Right Now

Zagat, October 2013
Seattle’s Hottest New Restuarants—“Slender dining room where nearly everyone has a view of the compact kitchen…there are big flavors coming out of Mkt.”

Rione XIII

Sunset, October 2013
Eat Like a Cheesemonger—“Based on the food in Rome’s Trastavere, Ethan Stowell’s Capitol Hill hot spot serves pasta, pizza, and Roman favorites…taste the creamy housemade mozzarella.”

Zagat, October 2013
Seattle’s Foodie Bucket List—“This lovely tribute to the food of the 13th district of Roma filled a huge void…”

Seattle Magazine, April 2013
Best Restaurants: Restaurant Trend—“The New Rustic”

Seattle Met, Nosh Pit, December 2012
Ten Favorite Dishes of 2012—Bucatini Amatriciana

CBS, December 2012
The Best New Restaurants that Opened in Seattle—“Rome offers incredible, fresh and flavorful food based on its region, and now, thanks to Rione XIII’s August opening, so does Seattle.”

The Seattle Times, December 2012
A Look Back in Hunger: The best bites of 2012—Best Combination of Three Ingredients or Less (Cacio e Pepe) and That’sa Some Meatball Award (Prosciutto Meatballs)

Eater, December 2012
Expert Panel on Best New Restaurants of 2012, Friends of Eater Pick 2012’s Best Dining Neighborhood, The Experts on 2012’s Biggest Dining Surprise

The Stranger, November 2012
The Stranger Suggests— “Try the wood-fired Roman street pizza—which is golden-bubbled, sheened with olive oil, light and savory, and completely delicious.”

Eater, October 2012
Eater Heatmap: Where to Eat Now—“Chef Brandon Kirksey capably executes the small, smart menu at this newest Ethan Stowell restaurant.”

Staple & Fancy Mercantile

Seattle Met Dining Guide, November 2013
Top 40 Restaurant Listings—“Hard to say which is more effervescent, the place or the plates…Flavors are big and bold…and anchored in freshness and seasonality.”

Zagat, October 2013
Best Service in Seattle & Best Italian in Seattle

The Daily Meal, August 2013
America’s 20 Best Italian Restaurants—“In the Seattle dining scene, Ethan Stowell essentially reigns supreme. He’s opening up new restaurants there all the time, but his most acclaimed eatery, Staple & Fancy, is in a league all its own.”

Sunset, May 2013
Seattle’s New Ballard—“A citywide draw…spring for the tasting menu.”

Eater, December 2012
Remembering the Best Meals of 2012

Cooking Light, July 2012
Hidden Gems & Delicious Desintations: Northwest—“The nexus of culinary creativity…where Chef Ethan Stowell plates family-style feasts.”

Seattle Weekly, March 2012
Voracious Dining Guide, Our Favorite Restaurants

Seattle Magzine, November 2011
Best Restaurants to Eat Family- Style

Seattle Met, October 2011
Best New Restaurants

Seattle Magzine, October 2011
Best Restaurant Design

Tasting Table, October 2011
Best Restaurants in the United States

Seattle Times, August 2011
Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners

Seattle Magazine, December 2010
Best of 2010 – Best Dining Trend: Family-style dinners.

Seattle Weekly, December 2010
Best Meals of 2010

Eater, December 2010
Heat Map: Where to Eat Right Now!

Pacific Northwest Magazine, November 2010
The Critic’s Choice – 10 Best New Restaurants

The Daily Beast, November 2010
America’s Hottest New Restaurants

Seattle Met, November 2010
Best Restaurants of 2010 – “This food has energy, from the big flavors of the charred guindilla peppers over aiolo with air-dried tuna shavings to the sexy texture of gnocchi….reveling Stowell the restaurant magnate in his original guise: Stowell the artisan chef.”

Seattle Weekly, November 2010
“…the rabbit terrine arrives…then I try everything together—a chucky and rich forkful of terrine, a leaf of watercress, a twist of shallot, and a squiggle of the agrodolce—and the effect is almost indescribable. So delicious, so ideally wedded and perfectly balanced, this bite is transcendent.

The Seattle Times, October 2010
★★★½ Stars – “The kitchen gets the balance of flavors right in dish after dish: lifting with spice, rounding with sweet, sharpening with acid, salting judiciously. It’s definitely fun, and it’s better than good. It’s great.”

Wine Spectator, March 2009
Seattle’s Homegrown Charm: Pitch Perfect Italian, Off The Beaten Track—“…hidden away on an industrial stretch of Ballard north of downtown, he gets the flavors and textures spot-on.”


Seattle Weekly, March 2013
Voracious Digest: Our Favorite Restuarants

Hemispheres, August 2012
Three Perfect Days: Seattle

City Search, November 2011
Best of the City “Italian Food”

New York Magazine, April 2011
Pasta Porn: 101 of America’s Most Delicious Noodle Dishes: Lamb Brain Agnolotti

The Stranger, March 2009
“You feel like you’re in Europe without the hassle of having to go to Europe. And the food is f'ing amazing.”

Seattle Magazine, January 2009
Pasta con Aglio e Olio with the Most Kick

Condé Nast Portfolio, December 2008
Table for One: Seattle—Five top picks for getting out of your hotel and into a great meal in this northwestern city – “…food-obsessed locals hang out late and chefs eat on their night off.”

Food & Wine, August 2008
Where To Go Next in Seattle

Travel + Leisure, July 2008
What’s New In Seattle – “Tavolàta, star chef Ethan Stowell’s love song to the candlelit Italian pasta café.”

Seattle Magazine, April 2008
Best Restaurants: Top 10 Very Best Restaurants—“Belltown’s Tavolàta delivers stylish atmosphere and stellar food.”

Seattle Magazine, December 2007
Best of 2007: Best Pork Chop

Seattle Met, November 2007
Best New Restaurants—“The biggest restaurant news of 2007 was the unveiling of Ethan Stowell’s homage to the late-night Italian pasta joint…”

Wine & Spirits, October 2007
“It’s the perfect place to socialize, passing bowls of chef Ethan Stowell’s house-made pastas.”

Seattle Met, July 2007
Best of the City—“Belltown’s hottest spot is so coolly Italian”

Bon Appétit, June 2007
10 Hottest New Restaurants—“Stowell serves chic, unadorned Italian food in a narrow modern space.”

Seattle Met, June 2007
“Tavolàta is a party, an irresistibly fizzy urban party, which makes for one enchanting night out.”

Northwest Palate, May 2007
“Tavolàta purrs with industrial poshness in Seattle’s Belltown”

Seattle Magazine, May 2007
“Ethan Stowell’s Tavolàta lures with its rustic Italian fare…”

The Seattle Times, May 2007
“★★★ The rustic Italian fare prepared here is honest and true.”

Seattle Weekly, April 2007
“I found Stowell’s handmade pastas spectacular…the agnolotti stuffed with mild veal brains were sublime.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 2007
“★★★ Leaping into transcendent territory is the fresh mozzarella, made in house with cow’s milk.”

The Stranger, February 2007
“Tavolàta makes you feel like you live in a better world.”