Fat Cat Burgers

The anything but ordinary Fat Cat Burgers
Tavolàta Capitol Hill is ringing in their first pop up with wagyu duck fat burgers, because why not!?

Burgers are great and all, but have you ever had a Fat Cat Burger? No? Well, this week at Tavolàta Capitol Hill you are in for a treat. These Wagyu Duck Fat Burgers are styled out with baby swiss cheese, red onion jelly and secret sauce. As if that was not enough, grilled watermelon salad, boozy milkshakes, cajun chips, featured tallboy beers from Stoup Brewery and more are making this delicious lunch OR dinner even more glorious. Place your Fat Cat pre order now and enjoy this ridiculously good meal at home, at the park or on Tavolàta's lovely patio. 

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Lotta Tàcos Pop-Up

Lotta Tàcos Pop-up
Tavolàta Belltown turns  Lotta Tàcos this week and we could not be more excited! 

Chef Roger Harper, Tavolàta Executive Chef, is giving you something to taco-bout this week with Tavolàta Belltown's first Pop-Up, Lotta Tàcos.  Civiche, tacos and churro bites are all joining this fiesta and you should too. You can pick up this awesome meal starting Wednesday August 12th but we suggest pre-ordering now. Available at Tavolàta Belltown this week only. 

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Tavolàta + Poliziano Vino Nobile

On Wednesday, May 1 Tavolàta welcomes Tuscany’s revered Poliziano winery for a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano wine dinner. Chef Roger Harper will create a family style four-course menu that showcases these outstanding wines. Winery representative, Ernesto Sestan, will be in attendance to speak about the wines.

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