Easter Brunch at Tavolata

Join us for Easter Brunch on April 8th from 11AM to 3PM.

Easter Brunch Menu


Scramble with guanciale, mozzarella, basil, tomato 9

Scramble with spicy italian sausage, tomato, spinach, parmesan 9

Scramble with artichoke, peppers, olives, goat cheese 9

Frittata with morels, eggplant, basil pesto, parmesan 9

Poached duck eggs with tomato, rapini, sabayon, brioche 10

Pork ragu, creamy polenta, fried egg, parmesan 12

Spaghetti carbonara, parmesan 12

Grilled French toast with ricotta, honey, fried egg 10

Flatbread panini with prosciutto, mozzarella, basil, aioli 9

Lamb burger with Goat cheese, pickled onion, tomato, watercress, aioli 12

Grilled beef tenderloin with balsamic treviso, fried egg 18

Sides 5

Pancetta Mixed green salad Fried fingerlings Brioche Rapini Polenta


Zeppoli, panna cotta, gelato sorbet