Goldfinch Tavern at Four Seasons Hosts Exclusive Dinner Featuring Monteillet Fromagerie

Chef Joe Ritchie kicks off a series of intimate feasts at Goldfinch Tavern beginning this September. The first experience is a four-course feast featuring local meats and cheeses from Monteillet Fromagerie, complete with a special wine pairing presented by Goldfinch Tavern's sommelier, Thomas Rotherham on Wednesday, September 30 at 6:30PM. Held in one of the private dining rooms at Goldfinch Tavern, the events are designed to feel like a dinner party at the homes of the chef and local purveyors: a night of food, wine and great company. Guests will  know the date, time and cost, but the finer menu details will not be revealed until the night of the feast, making it perfect for gourmands who don't mind adding a little mystery to their dining experience.  

Where: Goldfinch Tavern
What: Exclusive Dining Experience
Why: Monteillet Fromagerie (and wine!)
When: September 30 at 6:30PM
Cost: $125 per person
Reservations: (206) 749.7070

Cost includes intimate four-course dinner and wine pairing with complimentary valet parking at Four Seasons Hotel Seattle.

Seating is limited and reservations are required. Call (206) 749.7070.
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