Ethan Stowell’s How to Cook a Wolf Celebrates Five Years

Since the day it opened its doors, How to Cook a Wolf has been packing ‘em in. Yes, people came to experience the Italian-inspired small plates and to boast about scoring a seat at the coveted cork-top bar—but they also came to get a look at Ryan Weed. Ryan Weed? Yes, Ryan Weed. Weed, as he is affectionately known, was the original chef at How to Cook a Wolf, and is one handsome devil.

Well, great news! Weed will be back in the kitchen for a command performance on Sunday, December 2 in celebration of How to Cook a Wolf turning five. If you’ve missed his charming good looks and mad chef skills, now is the chance to stop by and pay homage. Ethan Stowell will also be in the kitchen, but the night belongs to Weed.

Reservations are highly recommended, as the restaurant is still pint-size, and people have been known to arm wrestle on the sidewalk to get in (just kidding!). But really, make a reservation.