Lotta Tàcos Pop-Up

Lotta Tàcos Pop-up
Tavolàta Belltown turns  Lotta Tàcos this week and we could not be more excited! 

Chef Roger Harper, Tavolàta Executive Chef, is giving you something to taco-bout this week with Tavolàta Belltown's first Pop-Up, Lotta Tàcos.  Civiche, tacos and churro bites are all joining this fiesta and you should too. You can pick up this awesome meal starting Wednesday August 12th but we suggest pre-ordering now. Available at Tavolàta Belltown this week only. 

Wednesday, August 12th - Tuesday, August 18th

Daily 4pm to 9pm
Open for takeout, patio dining, and delivery

 Lotta Tàcos Meal - $35

Legumbres (chilled vegetable salad) 
Carrot, Jicama, Cucumber, Orange, Cilantro, Chili, Lime

Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas 
Red Onion, Tomato, Crema, Cotija

Half Ear Elote
Lime Aioli, Chili Powder, Parmesan

Choice of Two Tacos 

Chicken Tinga Braised Chicken Thighs, Sweet Onion, Pepper, Cilantro

Carnitas Slow Roasted Pork, Red Onion, Tomatillo Salsa

Veggie Black Bean, Grilled Summer Squash, Charred Onion

All Tacos Come With  
Pickled Radish, Carrot, Jalapeno, Chopped Cilantro 

Churro Bites
Creme Anglaise

 Lotta Tàcos Beverages
Frozen Cocktail Specials

Horchata Rum $11 • $20 for two 
cinnamon rice milk, spiced rum
Frozen Pineapple  Coconut Margarita $11 • $20 for two
pineapple, coconut, tequila, lime triple sec, agave
Taco Cocktail Specials

Classic Margarita  $11 • $20 for two 
tequila, lime, triple sec, agave
Blackberry Mint  Margarita $11 • $20 for two
blackberry, fresh mint, tequila, lime, triple sec, agave

Dont Talk to Me or My Kid $11 • $20 for two
Tecate Tallboy & Wee Bottle of Cazadores

Tecate Tallboy  $3 

Non-Alcoholic Specials

House Horchata  $4
Blackberry Mint  Limeade  $4