New Year's Eve 2021 Dining

Ring in 2022 with a delicious NYE feast at your favorite Ethan Stowell Restaurants! If you are ready for a night out then we have a heated patio and a decadent New Year's Eve menu ready for you! Several of the Ethan Stowell Restaurants will be featuring tasting menus for patio dining and all are taking reservations. Act fast though as tables are limited and reservations are going fast!

Thank you for all of your support in 2021 and we can't wait to celebrate with you in person in 2022!

For ESR's NYE takeout options click here.

Staple & Fancy

Staple & Fancy’s four-course menu kicks off with a fancy-style smattering of five plates for the table including beet panna cotta, grilled endive, shigoku oysters, citrus carpaccio, and foie gras mousse. The following three-courses include options like strozzapreti or pappardelle, seared scallops or steak with truffle jus, and your choice of dessert. Add on fresh shaved truffles for $25, or fresh Kusshi oysters with scallion mignonette for $12.


Staple & Fancy: (206) 789-1200

Dine In & Patio Menu
$95 per person

FIRST COURSE (to share)

Beet Panna Cotta salmon roe, orange, dill
Grilled Endive pickled apple, candied pecan, honey mustard vinaigrette, gorgonzola
Shigoku Oyster rose gelee, grapefruit verjus granita
Citrus Carpaccio cured olive, basil, extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic
Foie Gras Mousse kumquat, cocoa nib, grilled bread

PASTA COURSE (Choose one to share)

Strozzapreti celery root puree truffle butter, shaved truffle
Pappardelle short rib sugo, smoked tomato, fontina fonduta

MAIN COURSE (choose one per guest)

Seared Scallops burnt pear puree, salsify, lardo, brown butter vinaigrette
Wagyu Coulotte Steak baby carrots, pommes puree, truffle jus
Celery Root Steak whipped potato, baby carrots, vegetable demi glace

DESSERT (Choose One per Guest) 

Ricotta Cheesecake winter fruit compote
Spiced Chocolate Mousse Terrine orange caramel
Sobetto cocoa nib shortbread
How to Wolf a Cookie

ADDitional items

Perigord Truffles $25
Shigoku Oysters (3ea) scallion mignonette, lemon $12

★  ★  ★

How To Cook a Wolf - Madison Park

In the heart of Madison Park, How To Cook a Wolf will be putting on a four-course dinner with options. The meal starts with a medley of dishes for the table like castelfranco salad, smoked duck carpaccio, and hamachi crudo. The pasta course features options of a black truffle tagliarini or paccheri with octopus and third course options include NY Steak with kabocha squash, sea scallops with cauliflower purée, and risotto with mushrooms and fried sage. Add on a caviar supplement with homemade crackers for $100.


How To Cook a Wolf Madison Park: (206) 838-8090

Dine In & Patio Menu
$95 per person


Hamachi Crudo apple sauce, dry olives, fresno chili
Smoked Duck Carpaccio lemon ricotta, pomegranate gastrique, hazelnut
Castelfranco Salad baby lettuce, champagne vinaigrette, ricotta salata, chioggia beets
Buffalo Mozzarella black trumpet, frisee, aged balsamic

PASTA COURSE (choose one per guest)

Paccheri octopus, taggiasca olives, lime, flying fish roe
Black Truffle Tagliarini butter, chives, parmesan


NY Steak red wine sauce, kabocha squash puree, cipollini, baby turnip, pear jam
Scallops cauliflower purée, roasted romanesco, persimmon, pickled beets
Risotto seasonal mushroom, parmigiano, fried sage

DESSERT  (Choose one per guest)

Espresso Pot de Crème vanilla whip cream, pearls
Lemon Meringue Tart pomegranate
Sorbetto cocoa nib shortbread


Caviar Supplement homemade crackers, creme fraiche, chive
White Truffle Supplement 

★  ★  ★

How To Cook a Wolf - Queen Anne

Up on the top of Queen Anne hill, How To Cook a Wolf will be offering a four course menu. The first course features burrata with kumquat agrodulce, ahi tuna crudo, foie gras mousse with pickled cherry, and a baby gem salad. The following courses feature options like ravioli with crab, tagliatelle with truffle butter, scallops with blistered tomato and balsamica, wagyu zabuton with black trumpet mushroom, and a root vegetable gratin with parsnip and rutabaga. Add on fresh shaved truffles to any dish for $15.


How To Cook a Wolf Queen Anne: (206) 838-8090

Dine In & Patio Menu
$95 per person


Baby Gem Salad citrus, hazelnut, black pepper-currant vinaigrette
Burrata kumquat agrodulce, fennel, mint
Foie Gras Mousse pickled cherry, saba, toast
Ahi Tuna Crudo blood orange vin, rosemary, yozu agrumato 

PASTA COURSE (choose one per guest)

Ravioli crab, brodo, basil, chili, grana
Tagliatelle truffle butter, parmigiano reggiano, black pepper
Risotto alla Milanese saffron, parmigiano reggiano, agrumato

MAIN COURSE (choose one per guest)

Wagyu Zabuton black trumpet mushroom, rapini, uni butter
Scallops polenta, blistered tomato, balsamica
Root Vegetable Gratin parsnip, rutabaga, potato, truffled cheese, fried leeks

DESSERT (Choose One Per Guest)

Espresso Pot de Crème vanilla whip cream, pearls
Lemon Meringue Tart pomegranate
Sorbetto cocoa nib shortbread


Add Fresh Shaved Truffles add to any item $15
Osetra Caviar $15

★  ★  ★


Tangletown’s Mkt. has a four-course menu with options that include a lovely selection of dishes for the table like lamb tartare with caper berry and calabrian chili, a winter citrus salad with cardamom yogurt, wild mushroom tartine and baby broccoli with pecorino and truffle. The pasta course includes options like radiroi with duck sugo or ricotta ravioli with truffle and parmesan. The entree course features options of pan seared scallops with roasted sunchoke or a lamb t-bone with potato purée and corona bean ragu. Add on a caviar supplement with brioche toasts for $45.


Mkt.: (206) 812-1580

Dine In & Patio Menu
$95 per person


Lamb Tartare caper berry, dijon mustard, calabrian chili, shallot, quail egg
Winter Citrus cardamom yogurt, pistachio, treviso, mint
Baby Broccoli pecorino fonduta, winter truffle
Wild Mushroom Tartine cannellini beans, parmesan reggiano, olive oil

PASTA COURSE (choose one per guest)

Radiroi duck sugo, brussels sprout, roasted cauliflower, oregano, duck bread crumbs
Ricotta Ravioli perigord truffle, parmesan, butter


Pan Seared Scallops roasted sunchoke, walnut castelvetrano, salsa verde
Lamb T-Bone corona bean ragu, fennel, baby carrot, rosemary

DESSERT (Choose One Per Guest) 

Espresso Pot de Crème vanilla whip cream, pearls
Lemon Meringue Tart pomegranate
Sorbetto cocoa nib shortbread
How to Wolf a Cookie


Caviar Supplement chive, crème fraîche, brioche toasts  $45
Olives and Sea Wolf Baguette plugra butter, persimmon compote $12
Poached Shrimp (6ea) cocktail sauce, lemon $18

★  ★  ★

Red Cow

Madrona’s Red Cow has a lovely three-course evening in store, with a 32oz Dry Aged Cote de Boeuf for two available for an additional $50 per person. The meal begins with kampachi cru followed by a choice of dishes including jambon cru, steak tartare, winter chicories and a winter squash bisque. The entree course options inclue a Wagyu flat iron steak with pommes puree, pan roasted scallops with black trumpet mushrooms, and duck prepared two ways with confit duck leg and seared duck breast with french lentils.


Red Cow: (206) 454-7932

Dine In & Patio Menu
$95 per person


Kampachi Cru pickled butternut squash, pomegranate, olive oil
Jambon Cru provencal olives
Steak Tartare cornichon, caper, mustard, crostini
Winter Chicories blood orange, walnuts, bleu cheese
Winter Squash Bisque foie gras, brioche crouton

MAIN COURSE (choose one per guest)

Wagyu Flat Iron Steak pommes puree, winter vegetables, red wine sauce
Pan Roasted Scallops black trumpet mushrooms, leeks, parsnip puree, kumquat gastrique
Duck Two Ways confit leg, seared breast, french lentils, creme fraiche-grain mustard sauce

Two Person Option:
32oz Dry Aged Cote de Boeuf for Two pommes puree, winter vegetables, horseradish cream, red wine $50 upcharge per guest

DESSERT (Choose One Per GUest)  

Pate de Choux ice cream, caramel, chocolate sauce
Valrhona Chocolate Crème Brulee 
Sorbetto cocoa nib shortbread

Additional Items  

American White Sturgeon Caviar brioche toast, chopped egg, shallot, chive $75
Perigord Truffles $25
Pan Roasted Hudson Valley Foie Gras $30

★  ★  ★

Rione XIII

Capitol Hill’s Rione XIII will serve a four-course menu that begins with a selection of starters to share like burrata with fried coppa, suppli bianco with pecrino fonduta and an insalata mista with little gem, endive and pistachio. The following courses include options like tonnarelli cacio e pepe with winter truffles, spaghetti nero, braised short rib, and seared scallops. Add on a funghi pizza with roasted mushrooms, garlic and truffles for $26.


Rione XIII: (206) 838-2878

Dine In & Patio Menu
$95 per person 


Insalata Mista little gem, endive, prosecco vin, pistachio, grapefruit
Burrata fried coppa, hazelnut, aged balsamic vinegar, grilled bread
Suppli Bianco pecorino fonduta, mozzarella, truffle
Salumi porchetta, torta frita, parmesan 

PASTA COURSE (choose one per guest)

Cacio e Pepe tonnarelli, cracked pepper, pecorino, winter truffles
Spaghetti Nero uni butter, fresno chili, parsley, pangrattato, trout roe

MAIN COURSE (choose one per guest)

Braised Short Rib squash purée, roasted root vegetables, red wine sauce
Seared Scallops celery root puree, crispy celery root, pomegranate agrodolce

DESSERT (Choose One Per Guest)

Lemon Meringue Tart with Pomegranate
cocoa nib shortbread
How to Wolf a Cookie


Perigord Truffles
Funghi Pizza roasted mushroom, garlic, mozzarella, pecorino, perigord truffles  $26

★  ★  ★

Tavolàta (All Seattle Locations)

Tavolàta (All Seattle Locations) will be serving a four-course meal with options for guests to enjoy. Dinner begins with a selection for the table including burrata with blood orange and marcona almond, wagyu beef carpacio with black trumpet conserva, and a winter greens salad with walnuts and gorgonzola. The pasta course features options like nero with lobster, pancetta, and meyer lemon, rigatoni with spicy sausage, and potato gnocchi with porcini and house-made ricotta. The main course options include scallops with pear and a shallot soubise, zabuton steak with salsify and leek, and a raviolo with kale, duck egg, and truffle. Your choice of desserts include zeppoles, a white chocolate olive oil panna cotta, sorbetto, or How to Wolf a Cookie. Add on beef cheek arancini for $12 or foie gras bruschetta with brandy and smoked cherries for $10.




Tavolàta Belltown: (206) 838-8008
Tavolàta Capitol Hill: (206) 420-8355
Tavolàta Stone Way: (206) 456-2666

Dine In & Patio Menu
$85 per person


Winter Greens walnut, gorgonzola, champagne vinaigrette
Burrata blood orange, marmalade, marcona almond, crostini
Wagyu Beef Carpaccio black trumpet conserva, pine nut, parmesan
Tomato Braised Pork Belly polenta, fennel, oregano

PASTA COURSE (choose one per guest)

Nero lobster, pancetta, meyer lemon, pangratatto
Rigatoni spicy sausage, marjoram, tomato, parmesan
Potato Gnocchi porcini, sage, house-made ricotta

MAIN COURSE (choose one per guest)

Zabuton Steak salsify,  leek,  red wine sauce
Scallop pear, kohlrabi, shallot soubise
Raviolo kale, duck egg, truffle

DESSERT (Choose One Per Guest)

Zeppole chocolate dipping sauce
White Chocolate Olive Oil Panna Cotta citrus jam, streusel
Sorbetto cocoa nib shortbread 
How to Wolf a Cookie


Foie Gras Bruschetta (2 ea) brandy, smoked cherries  $10
Beef Cheek Arancini (3 ea) scamorza, sage, parmesan $12
Fried Castelvetrano Olives  $8

★  ★  ★

Tavolàta -Spokane 

At our Tavolàta -Spokane location you will enjoy a three-course meal. Dinner begins with a selection for the table including burrata with black trumpet mushrooms, hazelnut, and rosemary, tuna tartare with pear and sunchoke, a chicory salad with grape and pecorino sardo and arancini with roasted carrot and parmesan fonduta. The seond course features options like pici with veal bolognese, rigatoni with spicy sausage, black truffle risotto with artichoke and parmigiano reggiano, pan seared scallops with swiss chard and wild mushrooms, or a beef osso bucco for two with creamy polenta, and broccolini. Dessert options include lemon zeppole, a white chocolate olive oil panna cotta or sorbetto. Add on black truffles for $18 or a half dozen oysters for $19.


Tavolàta Spokane: (509) 606-5600

Dine In & Patio Menu
$65 per person


Tuna Tartare pear, sunchoke, meyer lemon vinaigrette
Burrata black trumpet mushroom, hazelnut, rosemary
Chicory Salad grape, pecorino sardo, walnut, chive
Arancini roasted carrot, parmesan fonduta


Rigatoni spicy sausage, marjoram, tomato, parmesan
Butternut Squash Ravioli black truffle, brown butter, walnut, sage
Pici veal bolognese, parsnip, chestnut, rosemary
Pan Seared Scallops swiss chard, wild mushrooms, preserved lemon, pinenut
Black Truffle Risotto artichoke, parmigiano reggiano, chive
Beef Osso Bucco (For Two) creamy polenta, broccolini, gremolata  

DESSERT (Choose One PER GUesT)

Lemon Zeppole chocolate sauce
White Chocolate Olive Oil Panna Cotta citrus jam, streusel
Sorbetto cocoa nib shortbread 


Black Truffle $18
Half Dozen Oysters $19

★  ★  ★

Victor Tavern 

Victor Tavern will be serving a four-course meal with options for guests to enjoy. Dinner begins with your choice of a soft pretzel with spicy mustard and warm stout cheese sauce, brussel sprouts with smoked maple syrup, or roasted beets with caviar lentils. For the main course enjoy a salad of baby lettuces, radishes, and a dijon-herb dressing with your 12oz prime rib dinner. Sides will also be served and include delicata squash, fingerling potatoes, and butter green beans.  For dessert, we have a chocolate creme fraiche cake with a whiskey caramel sauce. Add on a half pound of poached lobster tail for $25.


Victor Tavern: (206) 649-4040

Dine In & Patio Menu
$65 per person

FIRST COURSE (Choose One per guest)

Soft Pretzel spicy mustard, warm Pike Brewing Stout cheese sauce
Brussels Sprouts smoked maple syrup, sherry vinegar, nutmeg
Roasted Beets caviar lentils, walnut dressing, Quillisascut curado


Salad baby lettuces, easter egg radishes, galliano-braised fennel, dijon-herb dressing
Prime Rib Dinner (King Cut add $20) 12oz prime rib, au jus, horseradish with delicata squash, roasted fingerling potatoes, and buttered green beans

DESSERT (One Per Guest)

Chocolate Creme Fraiche Cake peaty whiskey caramel sauce, cocoas nibs


Half Pound Poached Lobster Tail $25

★  ★  ★

Goldfinch Tavern 

Toast to the New Year with your special someone with an over-the-top, five-course feast-style menu in Goldfinch Tavern. Enjoy sweeping views of Elliott Bay, while the team makes it a night to remember. Beats will be courtesy of DJ Chris Graves from 9pm to midnight with a Möet & Chandon Champagne toast at midnight and party favors to ring in the New Year!

Hours: 4:30pm - 12:00am

Reservations: Reservations are required and may be made by calling the restaurant at the number below.

Goldfinch Tavern: (206) 749-7070

NYE Menu
$140 per person


Goldfinch Rockefeller broiled pacific northwest oysters, watercress, béchamel, garlic-herb bread crumbs
Black-Eyed Pea Beignets smoked ham hock, petite mustard green salad
Tuna Crudo shiitake mushrooms, sesame crumble, dulse vinaigrette
Buckwheat Crepe beecher's cheddar curds, petite greens, banyuls vinegar

appetizers (CHOOSE ONE)

Beef Tartare quail egg, black garlic gastrique, za'atar spiced crackers
Dungeness Crab pear carpaccio, baby lollo rossa, pickled shallots, hazelnut vinaigrette
Parsnip Bisque tart apple compote, extra virgin olive oil, sage
Foie Gras brioche pain perdu, red wine braised figs

pasta (CHOOSE ONE)

Risotto parmigiano reggiano: brodo, shaved, frico
Radiatore lobster, red vein sorrel, saffron pomodoro
Strozzapreti brown beech mushrooms, sheep's milk ricotta, broccoli rabe pesto

entrées (CHOOSE ONE)

King Salmon rainbow chard, acorn squash, champagne citrus caviar sauce
Pan Seared Scallops romanesco, finger lime, melted leek velouté
Dry-Aged Duck braised endive, celery root purée, cara cara orange and wildflower honey glaze
Prime Beef Filet brown butter marble potatoes, haricot vert, parsley-horseradish crust
Venison Tenderloin red garnet yam purée, caramelized brussels sprouts, juniper demi-glace

DESSERT (choose one)

Champagne Strawberry Wishes champagne-soaked vanilla cake, strawberry-vanilla cream, macerated strawberries, strawberry caviar
After Eight Tart chocolate mint custard, dark chocolate ganache

★  ★  ★

Ballard Pizza Company &
Frelard Pizza Company 

Looking for a more casual New Year’s Eve out? Ballard Pizza Co. & Frelard Pizza Co. have you covered (literally)! Both locations have covered patio tables and will be offering a large pepperoni or cheese pizza for just $20.22. 



We look forward to celebrating with Seattle this New Year’s Eve! Use #ESRHoliday to share your NYE photos with us.

A Note:
A 4% surcharge will be added to your bill to help offset the rising cost of goods and non-labor-related expenses relating to the pandemic. 100% of this surcharge is retained by the restaurant.