Sunday Feast at Tavolàta Belltown: Hunters Feast

Chef Addam has a hearty feast from the forest planned for dinner on November 6. The menu showcases all things wild, from venison and elk to figs and matsutake mushrooms. Join in for this warming meal. The dinner begins at 6pm and is $75/person—reservations are required, call 206.838.8008 to reserve your spot.

What: Sunday Feast
Where: Tavolàta Belltown
Why: The Hunt!
When: November 6th, 6PM
Cost: $75 Per Person
Reservations: 206.838.8008


Bird Terrine, pickled mustard, cured pear
Duck Bresaola, hazelnut honey, fig
Bruschetta, crushed squab liver, fried chickpea
Fried Quail, salsa verde, lemon

Celery Root Agnolotti, duck confit, matsutake mushroom
Stracchi, roasted squab, brown butter, Concord grape

Venison Ravioli, polenta, Washington truffle, Parmesan
Elk Chop, parsley root, huckleberry

Brussels Sprouts, rabbit bacon, pangrattato
Roasted Carrots, smoked onion yogurt, pecan

Warm Dark Chocolate Cake, saffron, pistachio

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