Say Hello to Red Cow & Noyer

For a while now we’ve been wanting to do something different. Something that’s still in the European/New American wheelhouse—but maybe slightly more French. We still want to stick to our successful notion of opening smallish, contemporary restaurants that service the neighborhoods they are in (we like to think of them as value-driven destination spots for the locals) but we also want to change the game a bit.

First, say hello to Red Cow. Red Cow is going to be a brasserie primarily known for steak frites—really good steak frites. We are going to flesh out the rest of the menu with a wide variety of classic bistro fare using Pacific Northwest ingredients and pair it all with a rigorous wine offering.

Red Cow will be located in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood (you know the spot) and it will seat 35 guests in the dining room and 20 in the bar. Brasserie classics, steak frites, cocktails—and we'll be open for dinner seven nights a week. Grab a quick drink and some moules on the way home or stay for a bottle of wine and a ribeye. Red Cow will be here for you.

But wait, there is indeed more. Tucked behind the restaurant sitting on a cobblestone courtyard under an expansive walnut tree sits Noyer. This will be something entirely different. Noyer will be a stand alone restaurant that houses a mere four tables and four additional counter seats. The word “boutique” comes to mind. It will be small. And quaint. Noyer's menu, however, will be anything but. This will be an ambitious ode to the very best the Northwest can offer. An upscale celebration of premium ingredients. Perhaps inspired a bit by our first restaurant (Union) but on a consummate level that will be unique to Seattle.

“Noyer will be something entirely different.”

Imagine a lush, intimate, multi-course dinner with paired wines along the way. A very high-end, leisurely affair that you can enjoy at your own pace. When you reserve a table at Noyer, it’s your table for the night. Tell us when you plan to arrive and we’ll meet you in the courtyard with something bubbly. You will be taken care of. You will indulge. You will leave happy. This is something new for Seattle—and us. We are very excited about Noyer.

More details forthcoming, but look for Red Cow to open in Madrona sometime after the first of the year with Noyer following close behind in the spring.