Seattle Restaurant Week Menus for Fall 2014

Join us for Seattle Restaurant Week this fall at five ESR locations beginning October 19th - 23rd and again October 26th - 30th. If you want to try something slightly different, check out How To Cook a Wolf for a special three-course Sicilian menu with optional wine pairings throughout the event.

All Seattle Restaurant Menus are three courses for $30. Wine pairing will be offered on request for an additional charge.

Staple & Fancy


Course One (For The Table)

Porchetta de Testa
Parsnip soup, brown butter, sage
Fried oysters with calabrian chili aioli
Gem lettuce, champagne vinaigrette, citrus, radish
Beef tartar, crostini, shallot, parsley

Entrée (Choose One)

Ravioli, butternut squash, rosemary, hazelnut
Rigatoni, braised rabbit, root vegetable, vin santo
Grilled coulotte steak, celeriac, baby carrot, Brussels sprout 
Grilled spanish mackerel, cauliflower, fingerling potato, preserved lemon, taggiasca olive 

Dessert (Choose One)

Basil panna cotta, blackberry, fried cinnamon tuile
Chocolate terrine, salted caramel, spiced candied walnuts
Seasonal sorbetto, salted vanilla shortbread cookie



Appetizers (Choose One)

Baby beets, smoked goat cheese, grape, pistachio
Burrata, apple, date, saba, olive oil
Chickpea salad, golden raisins, celery, parsley

Entrée (Choose One)

Rigatoni, king sauce!
Telefono, potato gnocchi, buffalo mozzarella, tomato
Rainbow trout, chanterelle, cauliflower, meyer lemon
Braised short rib, polenta, brussel sprout, pan sauce

Dessert (Choose One)

Basil panna cotta, blackberry, fried cinnamon tuile
Zeppole lemon donuts, powdered sugar, chocolate dipping sauce
Seasonal sorbet, salted vanilla shortbread cookie

Anchovies & Olives


Course One (Choose One)

Beet salad, smoked trout, orange, pistachio, mint
Sunchoke soup, smoked mussels, calabrian chili, oregano
Escolar crudo, pickled apple, fennel, fresno chili

Entrée (Choose One)

Bigoli, anchovy, garlic, chili, mint, pangrattato
Tagiatelle, clams, tomato, fennel, chili
Albacore, fregola sarda, smoked mushrooms, onion

Dessert (Choose One)

Basil panna cotta, blackberry, fried cinnamon tuile
Chocolate semolina pound cake, strawberry balsamic, vanilla custard
Seasonal sorbet, salted vanilla shortbread cookie

Rione XIII


Appetizers (Choose One)

Insalata mista, red wine vinaigrette, baby greens, lemon juice
Potato and leek torta, yukon gold potatoes, poached hen egg, parmigianino 
Fall vegetable soup, pumpkin, kale, garbanzo beans

Entrée (Choose One)

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe, black pepper, pecorino romano
Chicken cacciatore, foraged mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers
Margherita pizza, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil

Dessert (Choose One)

Tiramisu shot
Basil panna cotta, blackberry, fried cinnamon tuile
Seasonal sorbet, salted vanilla shortbread cookie



Appetizers (Choose One)

Dinah's cheese, grilled pumpernickel, walnuts, vanilla honey, thyme
Crispy duck salad, chicory, huckleberries, frisee, juniper
Tomato salad, compressed melon, garlic croutons, basil
Hamachi ceviche, spring cucumbers, pickled red onion, cucmber yuzu ice

Entrée (Choose One)

Roasted porcini ravioli, roasted garlic-cider sauce, marjoram,
Seared scallops, roasted peppers, slow cooked shell beans, bacon, apple
Grilled wagyu beef, smokey mushrooms, grilled fingerling potatoes, fried spring onions
Grilled pork flank steak, fried eggplant, red pepper emulsion

Dessert (Choose One)

Basil panna cotta, blackberry, spiced cinnamon tuille
Chocolate terrine, salted caramel, candied walnuts
Seasonal sorbet, salted vanilla shortbread cookie



Alternate Choice

How To Cook A Wolf
Chef’s Sicilian Tasting Menu

$35 per person
$50 with Caruso & Minini wine pairings


Lemon Aioli, Za’atar Spice

2013 Terre di Guimara Inzolia


Bitter Green Salad
Escarole, Endive, Treviso, Pecorino, Pomegranate


Grilled Baby Octopus
Chickpea, Fresno Chili, Radish

2011 Sachia Perricone


Cauliflower, Pine Nut, Currant, Saffron, Pangrattato

2011 Terri di Giumara Nero d’Avola


Plum Sorbetto
Fennel Shortbread Cookie