September Sunday Feast at Tavolàta Features Cuisine of the Mediterranean

The September Feast at Tavolàta celebrates the flavors of the Mediterranean with a menu that meanders though Spain, France, and Italy. Chef Addam Buzzalini starts the September 7th meal in Malaga with a summer gazpacho and moves though Spain’s coastal cities before going on to France and its island of Corsica for fresh oysters. After France, it’s over to Italy for two classic hearty dishes, then a beautiful dessert from Malta!

What: Sunday Feast
Where: Tavolàta
Why: Mediterranean!
When: September 7th
Cost: $65 per person.
Reservations: 206.838.8008



First (Spain)

Malaga Porra Anteguerana: tomato gazpacho with air-cured ham.
Valencia Arros amb Costra: hand-made sausages with red pepper sauce and a fried egg.
Barcelona Tapas: country olives, prawns with garlic, smoked mussels, and 18-month Manchego with tomato-rubbed crostini and olive oil.

Second (France)

Marseille Bouillabaisse with local fish and shellfish and traditional rouille toast.
Corsica Freshly-shucked oysters, cured meats, and grilled Loupe de Mer with peppers and onions.

Third (Italy)

Sardinia Wild Boar Ragu with fregola sarda.
Rome Tripe stewed in tomato sauce with Pecorino Romano.

Fourth (Malta)

Malta Goat Cheese Panna Cotta with smoked local honey, king figs, and pastry.

Dinner will be served family style at the communal table where seating is limited to 26 guests. Dinner begins at 6pm and the cost is $65 per person. Reservations are required. Please call 206.838.8008 to reserve your spot.