Staple & Fancy Offers Vegetarian Chef’s Choice Menu for June

Chef Sadie White is taking full advantage of the season’s glorious bounty and abundance of farm fresh produce by offering a vegetarian chef’s choice menu for the month of June.

Staple & Fancy is revered for their chef’s choice, or fancy menu, that comes to the table family-style giving guests the opportunity to try a generous selection of dishes for $60/person. And for the month of June that menu can be 100% vegetarian upon request. It can also be made to accommodate vegans. The traditional chef’s choice menu, that includes meat and seafood, will be offered as well.

“We always offer vegetarian and vegan options for our guests,” said chef Sadie White. “But I just wanted to take a moment and make it super easy to eat vegetarian and experience how wonderful, delicious, and satisfying it can be.”

Reservations are encouraged and can be made online or by calling 206.789.1200.

As is the nature of a chef’s choice menu, it will change as fresh ingredients come in the door, but guests can look forward to something similar to this sample two-person menu:



Olive Chips
Beet Gazpacho with crème fraîche and lemon oil
Bruschetta with black garlic, basil, and poppy seed pesto
Fried Maitake Mushrooms with Calabrian chili aioli
Baby Lettuces with lemon basil strawberry dressing
Mozzarella with fig mostarda and arugula
Melon Crudo with Taggiasca olives, balsamic, and mint

pasta COURSE

Vegan Risotto with sweet corn and charred green onions


Farro with cherries, mascarpone, kale, and ramp salsa verde


Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake with strawberry compote