Sunday Feast at Tavolàta: Pure Seafood

Chef Brandon Kirksey has been having a lot of fun with his monthly Sunday Feasts that feature a “star” ingredient and pay homage to the spirit of communal dining—and the response from diners: fantastic!

Next up: Sunday, February 6 Local seafood will be the star of the show and the menu will feature: Penn Cove Oysters on the Half Shell with Horseradish and Lime Malloreddus Pasta with Steamed Mussels and Clams Pancetta, Fennel, and White Wine Mixed Greens Salad with White Anchovy, Balsamic, and Herbs Whole Grilled Steelhead with Rapini and Creamy Polenta Dessert will be Zeppole with Chocolate Sauce for dipping

Dinner will be served family style at the communal table (tavolàta) where seating is limited to 26 guests. Dinner begins at 6pm and cost is $50 per person. Reservations are required. Please call 206.838.8008 to reserve your spot.

Future Sunday Feasts

March 6 – Whole Roasted Goat April 3 – Wild Fowl & Eggs May 1 – Spring Vegetables