The Feast of The Fisherman

Anchovies & Olives is excited to introduce a nightly tasting menu. Similar to Staple & Fancy’s “fancy” option, the Feast Of The Fisherman is a multi-course, chef’s choice meal. Guests who choose to follow the Fisherman (aka chef Kyl Haselbauer) will enjoy a briny family style meal full of shellfish and seafood as well as salads and a pasta course. The meal is $55/person, and the whole table must participate.

Sample Menu

Here's an idea of how your Fisherman's Feast might go. Keep in mind, this menu changes nightly, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect‚trust the chef!

To start

Shigoku Oysters with Chili Vinegar
Hamersley Inlet Oysters with Scallion Mignonette
Ahi Crudo
Marinated Olives
Tomato Salad
Soft-Cooked Eggs
Fried Oysters
Roasted Padron Peppers
Smoked Fish Crostini
Hamachi Belly Salad

Pasta Course

Then a pasta course—perhaps something like conchigile with clams, tomato, and basil


Something like Alaskan King Salmon with chanterelles, corn, and cherry tomatoes. Plus, dessert!

Join us soon for the Feast Of The Fisherman! Reservations can be made online.