Tides & Terroir

Anchovies & Olives is celebrating oyster season with seven Sundays of briny delights. From November through May, the last Sunday of every month holds Pacific Northwest oysters paired with wines of from a different region of Italy. 

From noon to 3pm on the special Sundays, chef Kyl Hasselbauer will offer eight varieties of oysters, alongside eight wines. Wine director Justin Rosgen will be on hand to talk about the wines and their region as the afternoon progresses.

Oysters will be availble by 6, 12, or 24, for $18, $30, or $60, respectively. Varieties will change as the season does, but initially the lineup will include Blue Pools, Sea Cows, Stellar Bays, Kusshis, and Kumamotos. There will be a scallion-coriander mignonette, chili vinegar and chives, and fresh grated horseradish with lemon to accompany the oysters.

The first Tides & Terroir event is Sunday, November 30, and the wines will be from Campania, the southern region around Naples.

Future Dates

Sunday, December 28 – Alto Adige
Sunday, January 25 – Sicilia
Sunday, February 22 – Toscana
Sunday, March 29 – Friuli
Sunday, April 26 – Piemonte
Sunday, May 31 – Rosés