Whiskey & WildBites at Woodland Park Zoo

ESR at Whiskey & WildBites

Join us for this special after-hours event at Woodland Park Zoo to help raise funds to save wildlife in the Pacific Northwest and around the world! As you wander through the zoo, taste wildbites prepared by 15 different chefs, including chefs from Tavolàta and How to Cook a Wolf. Even more, experience the vibrant sights and sounds of the animal exhibits over whiskey pairings from 12 different distilleries. 

Try delicious cuisine from some of the biggest names in the Seattle food scene, sip several of the finest whiskeys this area has to offer, and help save animals. Can you hit the buy tickets button as fast as we did? 

Woodland Park Zoo
Friday, August 5th 
From 5pm to 9pm
Adults Only Event 

Check out the line-up and use the link below to grab your tickets today!

The Whiskey & WildBites’ lineup includes: 

Chef Nicco Muratore with Mamnoon Restaurant
Chef Shubert Ho with Feedme Hospitality’s Bar Dojo
Chef Joshua Delgado with Le Coin
Chef Melissa Miranda with Musang
Chef Kristi Brown with COMMUNION
Chef Trey Lamont with Jerk Shack
Chef Stuart Lane with Spinasse
Chef John Sundstrom with Lark
Chef Jason Wilson with Lakehouse
Chef Victor Steinbrueck with Local Tide
Chefs from Tavolàta & How to Cook a Wolf with Ethan Stowell Restaurants
Chef Maximillian Petty with Eden Hill Restaurant
Chef Eric Johnson with Stateside
Chef Donna Moodie with Marjorie
Executive Chef David VanGelder with Levy Restaurants/Woodland Park Zoo

Copperworks Distilling
Coopers' Craft Whiskey
Dublin Liberties Distillery
Laphroaig Distillery 
Saint Liberty Whiskey
Scratch Distillery
Slane Irish Whiskey
Starward Australian Whisky
Uncle Nearest Whiskey
Westland Distillery
Whidbey Island Distillery
Woodinville Whiskey

Please note Whiskey and WildBites is a 21+ after-hours event. You will need your ID to enter.