Cooking & Conversation
with Chef Ethan Stowell

Ethan Stowell’s virtual Cooking & Conversation class provides guests with a distinct culinary experience that emphasizes teamwork, communication and connection during a time of ‘6 feet apart’.

Through this interactive cooking class guests will indulge as a collective group in a collaborative and satisfying adventure with the guidance and support of Chef Ethan Stowell. This dynamic experience is perfect for bringing people together to celebrate the holidays, mark a milestone occasion, launch a new project, or to simply reset and enjoy a meal together —the most essential way of connecting with one another.


Guests will be able to pick up a meal ‘kit’ from one of Ethan Stowell's restaurants located around Seattle*. Each kit comes complete with all the ingredients to make a fantastic feast alongside Chef Ethan Stowell.

Over the course of one to two hours Ethan will virtually teach guests of all skill levels new culinary techniques, nuances and cues to look for while cooking, and best practices in the kitchen. Additionally, guests will be able to ask Ethan questions regarding restaurants, cooking, leadership, and more.

*If some guests are unable to access a meal kit an ingredient list will be sent the week prior for personal grocery shopping.

Let's Have a Feast.

What's included

  • One to Two Hour Cooking Demonstration by Chef Ethan Stowell
  • Meal Kits, packaged in reusable insulated bags and available for contactless pick up at multiple restaurant locations
  • Ingredient & Recipe Sheet, should guests like to buy their own ingredients or recreate the meal at a later time
  • Question & Answer about all things cooking and restaurants via chat and video
  • Co-host Opportunity Alongside Chef Ethan Stowell, either virtually or in person
  • Curated & Custom Program to fit each group's focus
  • Optional Bottle of ESR Exclusive Wine or Pre-Batched Cocktail
  • Production AV Team, giving guests multiple views and breakout rooms available for larger groups

Sample Menu

The menu is custom composed for your group by Ethan Stowell himself. Entree dishes highlight either proteins or pasta, and seasonal ingredients are featured in a broad spectrum of dishes for you and your fellow guests to enjoy.

To Start
marinated artichokes and heirloom tomatoes
Little Gem Salad
radish, pistachio and goat cheese
Entree Choice Of
(vegetarian option available)
NY steak
10 ounce center cut
King salmon
8 ounce center cut filet
golden raisin, and celery
Sautéed Mushrooms
with butternut squash