Last Updated: May 26th, 2021
Menu is subject to change.


Riverfront Mule 10
Vodka, Ginger, Pear, Lime, Ginger Beer
Mr. Green 10
Gin, Elderflower, Lemon, Cucumber
Wonder Market Mojito 10
White Rum, Mint, Strawberry, Lime, Soda
The Bulldog 10
Bourbon, Vanilla, Lemon, Orange Bitters
Huckleberry Margarita 10
Tequila, Huckleberry, Lime, Agave

Draft Beer

Brick West 7
Iron Goat 'Buzzsaw McThunder' 7
Juicy IPA
Yaya 'Fluffy Puffy Sunshine' 7
New England IPA
Coors Light 5.5
'Merica Lager

Cans & Bottles

No-Li 'Porch Glow' 7
Amber Ale
Miller High Life 5
San Juan Seltzer 7
Dry Peach Rosé
Incline 7
Hopped Cider

House Sodas

Strawberry Lemonade 4.5
Huckleberry Ginger Beer 4.5


Soda 3
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale
Water 3
Pellegrino (sparkling) or Smart Water (still)