Last Updated: May 9th, 2019
Menu is subject to change.

Small Plates

Warm Macrina Baguette 5
butter, taggiasca olives
Marinated Castelvetrano Olives 6
fennel and citrus zest
Deviled Eggs 10
smoked salmon, crispy onion, salmon roe
Beef Tartare* 16
cornichons, capers, champagne aioli, rye toast
Burrata 13
pear agrodolce, spiced walnuts, arugula, verjus
Baby Gem Salad 12
hazelnuts, pickled cherries, champagne vinaigrette, goat cheese*
The Wedge 14
point reyes blue cheese, bacon, egg, tomato, buttermilk dressing*
Dungeness Crab Dip 18
cream cheese, pangrattato, parmesan, baguette
Caramelized Cauliflower 13
golden raisins, yogurt, hazelnut dukkah spice
Dynamite Chicken Wings 13
pickled cauliflower, spicy BC wing sauce, blue cheese dip
Braised Collard Greens 9
applewood bacon, garlic, butter
Everything Pretzels 10
beer mustard, gruyere cheese sauce
Grilled Asparagus 11
wild mushrooms, serrano ham, pecorino
Seattle "Hot Wings" 14
fried pacific oysters, shishito peppers, lemon aioli

Wood Fired Grill

Bramling Burger* 16
american cheese, iceberg, onion, secret sauce, house-made pickles
Wild Mushroom Burger 16
comte gruyere, arugula, charred leek mayo, house-made pickles
Black and Blue Burger 16
smokey blue cheese, grilled red onion, peppercorn sauce, house-made pickles
Daily Double MP
ask your server about today's special
Cordon Chicken Sandwich 16
jambon cru ham, comte gruyere, arugula, creamy mustard
10 oz Hanger* 27
smoked peperonata, salsa verde, fingerling potatoes
Pork Tenderloin 26
radish, cipollini onions, hazelnut pangrattato

Large Plates

Risotto 22
wild mushrooms, thyme, parmesan, fried parsnips
Casarecce 23
arugula-walnut pesto, spring onion, mint, ricotta salata
Cacio e Pepe 18
tonarelli, butter, pecorino, toasted black pepper
Halibut 28
spring onion, asparagus, watermelon radish, fingerling potatoes

Dynamite Chicken

Mad Hatcher Fried Chicken 22/38
biscuit with honey and butter