Last Updated: March 27th, 2021
Menu is subject to change.

Plates & Sides

Macrina Bakery Baguette 7
plugra butter, sea salt
Marinated Olives 6
citrus, lavender, thyme
Frisee Lyonnaise* 14
lardons, croutons, fried egg vinaigrette, shaved cured egg yolk
Salad Vert 12
gem lettuce, haricot vert, lemon, chives, creamy dressing
Honey Roasted Carrots 12
fennel pollen chevre, smoked honey, fines herbs
Charcuterie Board* 18
chef's selection charcuterie
Asparagus* 12
soft duck egg, serrano ham, garlic, orange zest, olive oil
Crimini Mushrooms 14
sauteed with parsley and sherry vinegar
Cheese Plate 18
chef's selection cheese plate
Tartare* 17
capers, cured egg yolk, cornichons, dijon, crostini
Bone Marrow 14
mushroom duxelles, beef demi, grilled baguette

Steak Frites

All Cuts Served with Frites, Garlic Aioli, & choice of Béarnaise, Maître d'Hotel Butter, Red Wine Reduction, Horseradish Cream
Substitute mixed green salad for $3.00
12oz Hanger 38
the butcher's gem! rich, full flavored, beefy, astonishingly savory
12oz Bavette 42
intense beef flavor, a chef favorite
8oz Filet Mignon 55
soft, buttery texture, mild beef flavor, extremely tender
14oz Contre Filet (NY Strip) 60
the jack of all trades, the steak that has it all!
24oz Bone In Cote de Boeuf for Two 105
fat is flavor! well marbled, juicy, exteeme beef taste!


Half Roasted Washington Chicken 28
baby vegetables, pommes purée, pan jus
Red Cow Burger & Frites 20
beecher's cheddar, bacon & tomato, caramelized onions, spicy aioli, potato bun
Lan Roc Pork Chop 32
roasted grapes, maitake mushrooms
Penn Cove Mussels & Frites 25
white wine, garlic, butter, fines herbs
Salad Nicoise 25
seared albacore tuna, soft egg, baby potatoes, tomato, haricot vert, olive vinaigrette

Take Out

All meals served with: baguette (no baguette with burger meals), baby lettuces salad, lentils & roasted carrots, macaron
*packages are not available for in house dining
Burger & Frites $30 for one person/ $55 for two
beecher's cheddar, bacon & tomato, caramelized onions, spicy aioli, potato bun
Grilled Natural Chicken $35 for one person/ $60 for two
baby vegetables, pommes purée, pan jus
Culotte & Frites $40 for one person/ $68 for two
grilled Painted Hills beef, served with horseradish cream & frites with house aioli