Last Updated: July 30th, 2020
Menu is subject to change.


Snug Harbor $8
bourbon, lemon, aperol, fuji apple seltzer
The New Yorker $8
vodka, lime, agave, raspberry-cran seltzer
The Soda Jerk $8
amaro, lemon, rainier cherry seltzer
Friday Harbor $8
gin, violette, lemon, dry rose seltzer
Afterglow Drive $8
aperol, aromatic bitters, dry rose seltzer


All Draft Seltzer & Beer
$1 off
Patio Pounder 16oz Cans $5
huckleberry or raspberry-cran
Bucket of 5 cans of San Juan Seltzer $20
5 for the price of 4


Scarpetta Frizzante Can $6
Scarpetta Lambrusco Can $6
red wine