Last Updated: July 12th, 2022
Menu is subject to change.

Dessert Menu

Lemon Zeppole with Chocolate Sauce 11
Lemon Doughnuts, Powdered Sugar, Chocolate Sauce
Affogato 11
Espresso, Seasonal Gelato, Short Bread Cookie
Ubriaco (Drunken) Affogato 19
Espresso, Amaro Averna, Pistachio Gelato, Shortbread Cookie or Aperol, Raspberry Sorbetto, Shortbread Cookie
Seasonal Sorbetto 9
Short Bread Cookie
Seasonal Gelato 9
Short Bread Cookie
Olive Oil Panna Cotta 9
Streusel, Citrus Marmalade
Chocolate Mousse Cake 12
Salted Caramel, Candied Pistachio
A Note:
A 4% surcharge will be added to your bill to help offset the rising cost of goods and non-labor-related expenses. 100% of this surcharge is retained by the restaurant.