Last Updated: November 22nd, 2020
Menu is subject to change.

Happy Hour Food

Sea Wolf Baguette 7
caciocavallo spread, olive oil, aged balsamic
Salumi Board 9
chefs selection
Roasted Beets 10
ricotta, pistachio, basil, sherry vinegar
Tavolata Salad 8
chicories, pistachio, bacon, cherry tomato, crouton, champagne vinaigrette
Chickpea Salad 8
celery, sultana, parsley, lemon
Bruschetta 9
smoked fish, pickled onion, aioli
Rigatoni 12
spicy sausage, tomato, marjoram, parmesan
Spaghetti 12
anchovy, garlic, mint, chili or tomato & basil, parmesan with chicken and ricotta meatballs
Pappardelle 12
beef and pork bolognese, tomato, chili, mint, orange, grana padano
Tonarelli Cacio e Pepe 12
Pecorino, Cracked Pepper, Butter
Pumpkin Panna Cotta 6
brown butter crumble, honey


Wine 6
Sparkling, White, Rose, Red
Well Drinks 7
Martini and Manhatten 9
Draft Beers 5