Last Updated: September 12th, 2022
Menu is subject to change.


Smoked Mixed Nuts 6
d'esplette chili, fried marconas, hazelnuts, applewood smoked cashews &pistachios
Fried Castelvetrano Olives 7
panko breaded, served with their pits
Everything Pretzel 11
creole mustard, warm cheese sauce
Beef Tartare 16
cornichons, capers, horseradish, crostini
Tavern Wings 16
hot sauce, carrot, celery, blue cheese dip
Spicy Calamari 16
mama lil's peppers, chili aioli, basil
Avocado Toast 14
radish, soft egg, parmesan, arugula
Polenta Fries 12
parmesan, anchovy aioli
Salt & Pepper French Fries 9
malt vinegar aioli
Green Beans 14
almonds, gremolata, mint
Steak & Brisket Chili 12
cornbread croutons, sour cream, chive


Kale & Romaine Caesar 12
torn croutons, anchovy dressing, parmesan (add chicken +6)
Wedge 16
iceberg lettuce, applewood bacon, tomato, soft egg, blue cheese dressing, torn croutons, chive
Tavern Chop 18
rotisserie chicken, applewood bacon, blue cheese, tomato, soft egg, avocado, taggiasca olive, chickpea, torn croutons, victor ranch
Nicoise 22
rare albacore tuna, green beans, soft egg, nicoise olive, potato, heirloom tomato, herb dressing
Steak Salad 25
seared teres major, marinated fennel, fresh mozzarella, green beans, tomato, herb dressing

Tavern Burgers & Signature Sandwiches

The Victory Burger 19
beef patty, lettuce, onion, sweet pickle, american cheese, secret sauce, brioche bun
Truffle Smash 19
beef patty, caramelized mushrooms & truffles, gruyere, truffle aioli, brioche bun
Intense Trip 19
beef patty, pepper jack, hot peppers, spicy aioli, applewood bacon, brioche bun
Cowboy Up 19
beef patty, fried onion ring, bbq sauce, applewood bacon, aged cheddar, brioche bun
Blue Burger 19
beef patty, smokey blue cheese, applewood bacon, secret sauce, brioche bun
Veg Head 19
beyond burger patty, avocado, mama lil's peppers, lettuce, tomato, onion, aged cheddar, secret sauce, brioche bun
French Dip 26
shaved rib eye, griddled onion, horseradish mayo, toasted hoagie roll, au ju for dipping
Beer Brined Chicken Sandwich 18
mosaic pale ale brine, lettuce, sweet pickle, gruyere, smoked honey, rotisserie aioli, brioche bun


Rotisserie Half Chicken 28
anson mills grits, braised collard greens, bacon, onion, roasted chicken jus
Slow Roasted Prime Rib 8oz 32, 12oz 42, 16oz 52
horseradish whipped potatoes, grilled rapini, au jus, horseradish cream
Fish and Chips 23
panko breaded true cod, coleslaw, remoulade, house fries, lemon


Cinnamon-Brioche Bread Pudding 8.00
orange-rosemary caramel sauce, powdered sugar
Root Beer Float 8
vanilla bean ice cream, craft root beer
S'mores Sundae 11
chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream, burnt marshmallow, chocolate sauce
Seasonal Sorbet 8
dairy free
A Note:
A 4% surcharge will be added to your bill to help offset the rising cost of goods and non-labor-related expenses. 100% of this surcharge is retained by the restaurant.