A message to our guests: Ethan Stowell Restaurants currently offers take-out and delivery from select locations as well as patio dining where available. Our open locations are MKT., Tavolàta Capitol Hill, Tavolàta Belltown, Rione XIII, Red Cow, How to Cook a Wolf, San Juan Seltzery, Ballard Pizza Co., Frelard Pizza Co. and Bramling Cross for weekly ESR Pop-Ups. We offer patio tables for the use of take-out customers of Tavolàta Capitol Hill, Red Cow, San Juan Seltzery, Frelard Pizza Co. and the Bramling Cross Pop-Ups. Please follow us @esrseattle to stay up to date on future openings of restaurants and dining rooms! Order Now

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How To Cook A Wolf

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Tavolàta Belltown

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Tavolàta Capitol Hill

(206) 420-8355 More Info


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