Should you join the ESR Rewards Club?

The simple answer is yes! It's free to join and you start earning rewards immediately!

Whether you're out on the town or ordering from the comfort of your own home, the ESR Rewards Club provides you with an opportunity to earn rewards while enjoying a great meal! The sign-up process is as quick as it is easy and the rewards can be anything from your favorite ESR pasta dish to a party for you and two dozen of your closest friends. Download the ESR Rewards Club App for an easy way of tracking points and redeeming points for rewards. If you prefer to keep your phone lean and streamlined, hey we get it. The app does offer an easy interface for an ESR Rewards Club account and accesss to additional offers but you can still enjoy the benefits of earning rewards without it. Access to account info will always be availalbe through our website.

The ESR Rewards Club is now available to join! Signup via link below or download the app.


esr rewards club app

Download the ESR Rewards Club App in order to enjoy additional Rewards Club functionality and to be privy to exclusive offers!

download the ESR Rewards Club app for apple devices

download the ESR Rewards Club App for Android Devices

ESR Rewards Club App Features:

  • Quick and easy account setup to join the ESR Rewards Club or login to existing account
  • Access to all account information including points totals, transaction history, and rewards available
  • Easy redemption of points for rewards 
  • Receive exclusive ESR Rewards Club app only offers**
  • Scan your receipt for up to four days after your visit to collect points to your account
  • Order online for takeout or delivery from all ESR core properties
  • Make reservations at all ESR core properties

ESR Rewards

ESR Reward points can be earned and redeemed across all of ESR's core properties*! 

Rewards include:

  • Savings on dining, takeout, and delivery meals
  • Cases of wine
  • Gift cards
  • Private dinners for an intimate gathering or a large party
  • Exclusive in-home chef events

ESR Rewards Club Perks

Rewards aren't the only benefit. There are perks to being an ESR Rewards Club member too!

Perks may include:

  • Monthly Double Points Days
  • Early access to special events or new restaurant reservations
  • Invitations to private parties
  • Unique insider experiences such as cooking classes and happy hours with Chef Ethan Stowell himself and special guests 

Upcoming Double Points Days: September 20th, October 18th, November 15th, & December 6th.

Get rewarded for eating pasta, it is that simple and just as delicious as it sounds! 

For full details please see the ESR Rewards Club Terms and Conditions

*The ESR Rewards Club is not available at Goldfinch Tavern, San Juan Seltzery, Wolf NYC, Rubinstein Bagels, T-Mobile Park, Lumen Field, or Climate Pledge Arena.

**For access to all available offers, ESR Rewards Club app must have location services and messaging enabled.