A message to our guests: Ethan Stowell Restaurants currently offers take-out and delivery from select locations as well as patio dining where available. Our open locations are MKT., Tavolàta Capitol Hill, Rione XIII, Red Cow, How to Cook a Wolf, Bramling Cross for weekly ESR Pop-Ups, Ballard Pizza Co and Frelard Pizza Co. with Tavolàta Belltown and the San Juan Seltzery opening soon. We offer patio tables for the use of take-out customers of Tavolàta Capitol Hill, Red Cow, Frelard Pizza Co. and the Bramling Cross Pop-Ups. Please follow us @esrseattle to stay up to date on future openings of restaurants and dining rooms!

Located in the heart of Belltown, the original Tavolàta is all about the pasta. From Rigatoni to Tonnarelli, Spaghetti to Linguini—we extrude it all fresh daily. Join us at the giant communal table, grab a spot at the bar, or book our private mezzanine for your next gathering.


Belltown Location

2323 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
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(206) 838-8008


Offering Takeout and Delivery Only
Daily from 4PM to 9PM



Available now for Pick-Up
Nightly from 4PM to 6PM


Street parking.


    Spaghetti for One or Two - $25/$50
    tomato, basil, parmesan                   Add Chicken & Ricotta Meatballs $3 each    

    Rigatoni for One or Two - $25/$50
    spicy sausage, tomato, marjoram, parmigiano reggiano 

    Lamb Porterhouse for One or Two - $30/$60
    corn crema, chanterelle mushroom, calabrian chili butter  

    Chef’s Weekly Meal

    Bone-In NY Strip for Two - $75
    pearl onion agrodolce, rosemary, aged balsamic     

    All Meals For one & Two Served With:

    •Gem Salad, cucumber, pickled onion, champagne vinaigrette 
    •Heirloom Tomatoes, lemon ricotta, basil, mint
    •Marinated Olives
    •Chocolate Mousse S'Mores 

    Esr cook at home meal kit

    Each Fresh ESR Cook @ Home Meal KIt is sized to feed two people with ready to serve salad, appetizers, and entree accompaniments and dessert. Preparation cards and video links will be provided with every Kit.

    Learn Tips from Ethan Stowell on how to make CRAB CAKES!
    1 lb Fresh Dungeness Crab, Bread Crumbs, Mayonnaise, Fresh Chopped Cilantro, Minced Jalapeno, Minced Red Onion, Egg Yolks, Salt, Black Pepper. Served with •Little Gem Salad, Champagne Vinaigrette, Cucumber, Pickled Onion •Heirloom Tomato, Lemon Ricotta, Mint, Basil •Marinated Olives •Chocolate Mousse S'Mores

    A la Carte & Sides

    Marinated Castelvetrano Olives - $6
    calabrian chili, confit garlic, citrus

    Macrina Baguette - $7
    caciocavallo, rosemary, extra virgin olive oil 

    Tavolata Salad - $14
    chicories, tomato, bacon, crouton, pistachio, champagne vinaigrette

    Roasted Corn - $13
    espellete butter, parmesan, shallot, chive  

    Chickpeas - $12
    lemon, celery, sultana

    Roasted Beets - $12
    lemon ricotta, basil, pistachio, sherry vinaigrette

    Burrata - $14
    grilled stonefruit, green romesco, pistachio, shishito pepper

    Rigatoni with Spicy Sausage (The King) - $22
    rigatoni with spicy sausage, tomato, marjoram, parmigiano reggiano

    Pappardelle Bolognese - $23
    pappardelle with pork and beef bolognese, mint, orange, grana padano

    Tagliatelle Cacio e Pepe - $21
    tagliatelle with cracked pepper, pecorino, butter, olive oil

    Spaghetti - $22
    spaghetti with tomato, basil, parmesan                                                     add chicken & ricotta meatballs $3 each

    Lamb Porterhouse - $28
    corn crema, chanterelle mushroom, calabrian chili butter 

    Bone-In NY Strip - $55
    pearl onion agrodolce, rosemary, aged balsalmic vinegar

    Chocolate Mousse S'Mores - $6
    chocolate mousse, graham cracker crumble, marshmallow, chocolate chips


    For curbside pickup please call the restaurant upon arrival 

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    • Up to 30 people can enjoy semi-private dining on the intimate mezzanine level, or the entire restaurant can accommodate 100 guests for an epic family style meal of fresh, Italian-influenced cuisine with curated wines. (In restaurant dining is temporarily suspended) Book here.



    “Stowell serves chic, unadorned Italian food in a narrow modern space whose centerpiece is a huge communal table.”

    Bon Appétit

    “Tavolàta is possibly the best thing to happen to Seattle at night ever.”

    Bethany Jean Clement
    The Stranger

    “Tavolàta delivers much of what it promises: honest, well-prepared Italian food; a reasonable check; and good odds of chatting up whomever the host seats next to you.”

    Jonathan Kauffman
    Seattle Weekly

    “It was a brilliant idea to create a casual late-night joint for fresh housemade pasta.”

    Kathryn Robinson
    Seattle Met

    “Tavolàta attracts those who like their Italian food authentic and their drinks meticulously crafted.”

    Julien Perry
    Seattle Weekly